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Did you know that nudity in public in not punishable in Spain?

Since 1995, with the new Spanish Penal Code, nudity is not contemplated as illegal any more, despite many people believes that it is beyond specific authorised spaces.

imagenThis is a pamphlet that can be freely downloaded from this website, and contains useful legally based information that allows nudism to be freely practised in public spaces as one of your rights. There is also a suggested way about how to proceed with the police in the case you are required to dress on.


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Download the pdf pamphlet (54Kb.)

Note: CopyLeft 2003 Asociación de Naturistas Vascos / Basque Naturists Club (ENE). English translation and adaption in 2006 by http://veraplaya-FKK.com. This document can be freely copied so long as and when it is accompanied by this copyleft note and it is indicated who the authors are..
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